No. We accepts only PDF at the time of paper submission. Moreover, we require MS Word or Latex sources at the time of Camera-ready copy (CRC) submission.
No. However, you can make a request to Prgram Chair, (ripon@cse.nits.ac.in)
As per SIST, Springer indexing.
Yes, but a nominal fee will be deducted and rest will be refunded as per the Institute norms.
No. You have to make a request to Dr. Malaya Dutta Borah, Email: malayaduttaborah@cse.nits.ac.in
Yes. We will announce the travel plan soon.
Yes. At the valedictory session.
Yes. However, this conference will be held in Hybrid mode depending on the upcoming situation of the COVID-19.
No. It's hard deadline. However, you can make a request to Dr. Ripon Patgiri (ripon@cse.nits.ac.in).