No. We accepts only PDF at the time of paper submission. Moreover, we require MS Word or Latex sources with all figures at the time of Camera-ready submission.
No. However, you can make a request to General Chair, (ripon@cse.nits.ac.in)
Yes, but a nominal fee will be deducted and rest will be refunded as per the Institute norms.
No. We will provide accommodation in guest house upon arrival. However, a request must be sent to Laiphrakpam Dolendro Singh, Email: ldsingh.cse@gmail.com
Yes. But we prefer our participants to stay inside the campus. We have beautiful guest house and we will arrange your accommodation. However, you must mail to Email: ldsingh@cse.nits.ac.in at earliest for accommodation.
Yes. We will announce the travel plan soon.
Yes. At the valedictory session.
Yes. However, we prefer you to present the paper physically. We request you to come and visit our beautiful campus, meet the global leaders, witness the technological progress, enjoy your life and make a strong relationship with the researchers.
Acceptance letter will be send phase-wise according to submission dates of the paper.