International Symposium on Power Electronics and Control Systems (PECS 2020)

In the past few years, power electronics and control field has grown significantly. This is due to development and simulation of power electronics converter topologies, magnetic components, computational methods, switching devices, applications of control and power electronics in renewable energy systems, modelling linear and nonlinear control systems, time delay control systems and low-cost developed DSP/FPGA controllers. The aim of the special issue is to provide a platform for academicians, industrialists and researchers to present their recent research work. Further, they can share their experience and ideas in the area of simulation and modelling of power electronics converters, control and related engineering applications.

Topics and Tracks of (PECS) but not limited to

Submission to this track must write PECS 2020 wihtin square bracket in the title of the paper. For example, the paper title is "An investigation on Energy Harvesting [PECS]". Otherwise, the submitted paper will be considered in the general submission for CoMSO 2020.

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