International Symposium on Swarm Optimization and Applications (SOA 2020)

Among the meta-heuristics, the swarm optimization algorithms have gained enormous attention by the researchers over last few decades. The swarm optimizers shares many similarities with evolutionary computation techniques, but differ in the way they update the randomly generated populations. In case of swarm optimizers, the trajectories of the search agents can be updated by adjustments of only few parameters and the information sharing mechanism is very efficient. These features have made it possible to use the swarm optimization algorithms in almost all fields of engineering and sciences. In particular, the applications have now extended to commercial, defence, biomedical and other important government sectors as well.

The goal of this symposium is to bring together young and bright researchers working in the field of swarm optimization across all branches of engineering and sciences. This symposium under ‘COMSO 2020’ invites original high quality unpublished research papers on the topics like application of artificial swarm intelligence for solution of real life problems, hybrid swarm based algorithms, new ideas on swarm intelligence etc. International Symposium on Swarm Optimization and Applications (SOA 2020) solicits high quality unpublished original research paper in the related fields.

Submission to this track must write SOPES 2020 wihtin square bracket in the title of the paper. For example, the paper title is "An investigaton on Swarm Optimization [SOA]". Otherwise, the submitted paper will be considered in the general submission for CoMSO 2020.

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