International Symposium on Simulation and Optimization of Power and Energy Systems (SOPES 2020)

This Symposium under “COMSO-2020” focuses on the issues related to simulation and optimization of power and Energy systems. Modern power system consist of large numbers of generators connected in parallel for generation of electrical power and transmitted to load centre via transmission lines, underground cables. Conventional fossil fuels are depleted due to constant use and the researches are paying attention towards the harnessing of renewable energy resources. Government policies are also aiming to achieve maximum energy from renewable. Thus, modern power systems are complex comprising of conventional and non conventional power generators. Control of such complex system is also challenging.

It is not possible to study such complex large systems in real model. Such systems are designed in computer software and analysed the same. Various control strategies are adopted for control of large power system. Use of various controllers, various optimization techniques for selection of control variables is important for proper modelling of power and energy system. This special symposium aimed to provide the insight towards the modelling of various power and energy systems, control and optimization aspects of the electrical systems, and finally simulation of electrical systems and their analysis. International Symposium on Simulation and Optimization of Power and Energy Systems (SOPES 2020) solicits high quality unpublished original research paper in the related fields.

Submission to this track must write SOPES 2020 wihtin square bracket in the title of the paper. For example, the paper title is "An investigation on Energy Harvesting [SOPES]". Otherwise, the submitted paper will be considered in the general submission for CoMSO 2020.

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